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Welcome to Active Media Ghana – a Film and video production agency, specializing in all aspects of high-end production and postproduction. We partner with producers, directors, creative directors, editors, designers, animators, compositors, VFX supervisors and music composers through every stage of production. We provide on-site research, directing, editing, voice-over and narration, script writing, online distribution and marketing. The era of multimedia technology is here and will evolve to stay with us for a very long time if not eternally. Undoubtedly, this technology has become very integral component in every facet of life especially in doing business. Across the vast expanse of the earth, people can now have a sneak peek into happenings around the world through tablets, smart phones and online applications with the help of the internet. Interactive multimedia engages audience and communicates to them through an integration of video, sound, text, animation and other key forms of multimedia. Modern day businesses are courting new audiences, positioning and promoting their brands through compelling multimedia productions to achieve at least one of the following;
  •  Increased Customer Conversions
  • Higher Retention Rates
  • Stronger Emotional Connections
  • Stronger Consumer Attention
  • Higher Engagement

At Active Media, we have a highly skilled team with a unique blend of expertise and creativity in all aspects of video production.
Through our multimedia productions, we connect businesses and individuals to new clients and foster a unique bond between them.
We aspire to be the best at what we do. Our promise and commitment to deliver the best results for our clients – on time and within budget are true. We believe Africa has a wonderful range of shooting locations and a huge well equipped local film industry. Active Media Ghana can provide you with the best that Africa has to offer, with every detail managed and coordinated to the standards that you expect. We use all kinds of cameras to get the job done- RED Epic, ARRI Alexa, Black Magic Design, Canon 5D, Canon C100, etc. Our post production revolves around FCP, Adobe AE, PS and DaVinci Resolve.

We specialise in the production of FILM/TV commercials, documentaries and radio jingles.


We create dynamic motion pictures for some of the world’s most admired brands. Our all-star team of writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers handles projects of nearly every scale and genre.

Post-Production Services

We have a post-production team of creative directors, editors, designers, animators, compositors, VFX supervisors, music composers…

Branding & Advertising

You have a great product; our talents can help you brand an image to exceed increase your ROI and gain a cult following.


Active Media events team produces projects for conventions, conferences, festivals, concerts, and large-scale corporate meetings. Creative Development Event Production Art Direction Equipment Technical Direction

Each project is an opportunity to create
a unique experience

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We don't Shoot it!
We Tell It

We partner with producers, directors, creative directors, editors, designers, animators, compositors, VFX supervisors and music composers through every stage of production.

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