Active Media Ghana

With strong and trusting relationships with government agencies in all countries where we operate, our fixers can arrange film and location permits across Ghana & West Africa.

The processing time for permits is dependent on location and country you want to film in. It’s important that permits are applied for as early as possible. 

Contact us to find out more information. Email for information relating to filming permits and legal obligations.

fixers at work

What do Fixers do?

Fixers provides logistical support, facilitates permits, arranges entry through customs and immigration, location management, talent acquisition, crew sourcing, equipment supply, accommodation and transport  arrangements for film and television producers who wish to conduct filming abroad. A more apt title would be  ‘Production Coordinator’ or ‘Local Producer’.

The Film Fixer at work in my experience, it all starts at acquiring the legal permits and permissions –  I hear so many great ideas, from potential clients, about their creative filming/photography projects, but just won’t accept that some countries you require permits and approval – or you will end up losing your stock,  equipment and maybe even worse… Producers, Directors, DOP’s, Photographers (Feature, documentary, tv, news) …pretty much any project worth doing well, requires some sort of ‘fixer’ – and it all starts at doing things legally, morally and efficiently.  I know i’ve saved many of my clients time and money, by knowing my territory well,  having good connections and knowing how to work more efficiently.

What skills do you need to be a fixer?

Well, this will be a subject of a future post, but one does need the following:
Commonsense – Connections – Committed – Organisation skills – Travel Management Skills –
Knowledge (of one’s area) – Tenacity – Production experience – Understanding the needs of your client –
Financial Management Skills – Negotiation Skills – Knowledge of filming and permit laws – and a Sense of Humour!