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RED is pleased to announce that the release version of our new image processing pipeline (IPP2) is available for immediate download. IPP2 offers a completely overhauled workflow experience, from image capture through post production. IPP2 enhancements include:

  • Better management of challenging colors
  • Smoother highlight roll-off
  • Improved shadow detail
  • More accurate mid-tone hues
  • An improved demosaicing algorithm to achieve higher detail at the same pixel resolution
  • Simpler and more intuitive workflow
  • A workflow designed for HDR from the ground up
  • Industry-standard naming
  • Standardized color space and gamma


RED cameras with the HELIUM 8K S35 and MONSTRO 8K VV sensor can now monitor and control the new image pipeline in-camera, while all other camera owners will benefit from the new image pipeline in post through the latest REDCINE-X PRO upgrade. Individuals who prefer RED’s original color science workflow have the option to toggle between IPP2 and the legacy workflow both in-camera as well as in REDCINE-X PRO.

Visit RED’s Downloads page to get the latest DSMC2 camera firmware and REDCINE-X PRO software to take advantage of IPP2. For more information about all of the updates included in IPP2, please reference the IPP2: Image Pipeline StagesISO Recalibration for HELIUM, and REDWideGamutRGB and Log3G10 white papers.

Watch the latest RED TECH videos below to learn more about how you can seamlessly adopt RED’s updated image processing pipeline.

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